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Convenient Appointments

Don’t let your schedule stop you from getting your finances sorted. We are flexible with our hours and are more than willing to do after hours or weekends, meeting at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Brokers do the legwork

Let us find the right home loan for your needs and circumstances and support you throughout the entire application and settlement process. Saving you time and enabling you to stay focused on finding your ideal home.

Quick and easy loan comparisons

We have access to a range of loans from various lenders more suited to your needs. When you meet with us you are effectively getting access to multiple banks and their range of loan options.

Experience and Expert Advice

As your broker we are able to thoroughly explain the various subtleties of the different lenders and loan options which can make a big difference to your bottom line and potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest repayments.


Our software has access to the latest loan information across the board of lenders and we can quickly match this against your individual situation and goals.

This gives us the ability to assess your unique borrowing position as early as possible.

A mortgage broker is on your side

We look at all the available mortgage products out there and come up with the best one to suit your financial position. We have years of experience using different mortgage companies rather than just being limited to a single bank or lender.

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Robert Sordillo  Managing Director
0411 405 440

Lianne Sordillo  Business Development Manager
0404 021 888

Peter Geronymakis  Senior Loan Specialist
0428 000 024

Alex Koutoulogenis Senior Loan Specialist
0498 128 887

 Kyia Sordillo Loan Specialist
0410 916 974

Florian Zefi  Loan Specialist
0420 206 796

Jemma El-Mohamad  Loan Specialist
0452 228 465

Dimi Koutoulogenis  File Driver
0412 875 954




David Picca  Senior Loan Specialist (SFS WEST)
0433 816 137

Camille Schultz  Personal Assistant to David Picca (SFS WEST) 0435 436 853

Serge Lebedev  File Driver
0406 648 448

Stjepan Matulin  Loan Specialist
0420 561 132 

Mone Nakano  Loan Specialist
0413 942 089

Alexander Sanzo Loan Specialist
0432 306 745

Michael Izzo File Driver
0424 546 015

Rui Li  Conveyancing Specialist
0433 119 345



What our clients say…

Rob has created several loans for me over the last 8 years. From investment loans to SMSF loans, his service has been outstanding throughout.

– Mike

I would like to thank Kyia and SFS for organising my car loan. I went to Kyia with a quote from a dealership which he not only beat the interetst rate but aslo the monthly repayments.

I recommend Kyia to anyone who needs a car loan.

– Eddy

Dave Alexander is fantastic for his endeavour to ensure the best possible outcome… Dave’s enthusiasm and passion to communicate and to provide regular updates, gave me the up-most confidence that I was in the best hands.

– Humzy

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